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17. INSTALLATION AT THE EXHIBITION "OIKÓS - UNDER CONSTRUCTION" , (1st edition), October 21-December 31,1994, Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum, Bydgoszcz It will be like this: a table like in a reading room. Geometry of a long table top where books are lying - neatly, like plates set for a real dinner. The table physically does not exist, there is its outline in space. The outline of the table is made by books placed in ten columns, spot-lit with bulbs. Objects undergoing destruction obtrusively present in set places, smelling of burning. They are at hand's reach and provoke with their fragility. Prepared piles of ashes in meticulous order, like plates for a family dinner at a non-existent table, in a non-existent home (library, school, reading room). October 18,1994