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Please leave a word

20. PLEASE LEAVE A WORD (co-author Roman Woźniak), Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw 28 VI-1 VII 1993, a replica of an action at the Re'Repassage Gallery on November 6-29, 1980, In autumn 1980, the Repassage windows were fenced off from the street, due to some refurbishment of the building. Passers-by covered the fence with announcements, leaflets and inscriptions - regarding politics, tra¬de, morals, etc. - characteristic of the period of the first "Solidarność". At the Gallery, an "extension" of the fence was made, where the audience placed their watchwords and announcements. In the retrospective exhibition of the Repassage at Zachęta Gallery, the situation was recreated - on the walls, pictures and inscriptions charac¬teristic of the beginning of the '90s appeared.